Restoring the Body's Own Ability to Heal
Transforming Lives for

Transforming Lives for

25 Years

25 Years
Restoring the Body's Own Ability to Heal

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“Beyond the ordinary – Innovative medical treatments for difficult conditions”

We are a Biological Medicine Clinic

In Partnership with Paracelsus Clinic Switzerland

We offer patients a new approach to health called biological medicine. Biological medicine is by now a complete system of diagnostic and therapeutic methods. With this approach, applied individually and comprehensively, we can offer almost all our patients hope and progress, even in difficult cases. Developed over the last 50 years, biological medicine rebuilds the body cell by cell.

Biological Medicine

Bio Medicine

Biological Medicine supports and enhances the body’s natural healing systems to do what they are meant to do – function optimally.

Health Programs

Health Programs

Our Clinic offers health services that help individuals and families maintain or improve their overall health.

Biological Dentistry


Biological Dentistry is concerned with the whole body effects of all dental materials and procedures.

Biological medicine center


To Treat Differently,

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Dr. Thomas Rau