We are the Swiss Biological Medicine Center

About Us

The Swiss Biological Medicine Center is the accomplishment of Dr. Dinos Xydas’ lifelong vision for a center, that provides customised care for patients as well health conscious individuals. Having cooperated with Dr. Thomas Rau and the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland for over 20 years, it was time to bring the Swiss Biological Medicine to the Eastern Mediterranean Region. The Swiss Biological Medicine Center combines cutting-edge diagnostics, equipment, nutrition, detoxification, and medical treatments offering a unique blend of conventional, alternative and integrative programs to help maintain your good health and to provide health programs for a wide range of diseases. The Center uses “Biological Medicine” which addresses and treats the underlying causes of disease. Both patient and practitioner are involved in the treatment decisions when detoxifying and treating the whole body and the disease. Our services are adjustable to your personal needs, with highly qualified specialist on site and in connection with Paracelsus Clinic Switzerland. We provide specialist consultations that are unique to Switzerland’s highly qualified and experienced professionals.

About Our Method

Biological Medicine

Biological medicine is by now a complete system of diagnostic and therapeutic methods. With this approach, applied individually and comprehensively, we can offer almost all our patients hope and progress, even in difficult cases.

Here at Swiss Biological Medicine Center, we take a different approach. The body has a lifelong power to heal and regenerate. In biological medicine, we rekindle that power with natural methods. We focus on the original causes of the disorder and the unique story of each patient. In our view, the natural state of the body is health. Its regulatory systems maintain that wellness despite the occasional threat. But those systems are impaired by outside factors, such as toxins, stress and poor nutrition. When this happens, conditions develop, followed by symptoms, and lastly, disease.

Biological medicine was created by Dr. Rau decades ago. He had studied the ancient medical traditions around the world, as well as the distinct heritage in Switzerland, which dates back to the original Paracelsus over 500 years ago. He developed a theory of “Dr. Rau’s Three Pillars”, which use the biology of the body to “rebuild the body, cell by cell”.

“To treat differently, we must think differently.”

Dr. Thomas Rau

Dr. Rau’s Three Pillars

Why Cyprus

Associated with the legendary cradle of Aphrodite in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is more than just one of the most sought-after holiday destinations holding a promise of paradisiacal landscapes. Blessed with a warm climate, the sun shines almost all year round in Cyprus, and benefiting from stellar hospitality services the island attracts more and more medical tourists from all over the world every year.

There are a number of reasons why Cyprus is an attractive health destination:

  • European Union Member State with a modern and thriving infrastructure, Cyprus boasts a medical system that is extremely well equipped and technologically sophisticated to ensure high patient safety and the most up-to-date treatment.
  • English is widely spoken on the island, and with many local doctors trained in the US or the UK communication and language will never be a barrier.
  • The warm hospitality for which the Cypriots are renowned guarantees that anyone is treated with a healthy respect.
  • Its unique geographical location, at the crossroads between Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as the extensive flight network established, constitute Cyprus easily accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Exceptional telecommunications infrastructure ensures that visitors are never out of touch with friends and family back home

Cyprus is endowed with unique and diverse natural beauty. Its legendary history going back more than 10,000 years and magnificent monuments deserve exploration, and so do the many picturesque villages where tradition is still very much alive. Walking, cycling, and hiking are popular activities for visitors.

Furthermore, the possibilities for activities are endless and can cater to any level of physical activity that the patient can exert – from mini cruises to diving, from golf to the fun parks, from artistic and cultural events to sports events, there is plenty to see and do. And, of course, for relaxation and recovery at its most uncomplicated, nothing compares with the peace and tranquility of a gentle stroll along the Mediterranean beach