Diabetes Type 2

Most diseases are limited to a single organ system, whereas diabetes affects every organ in multiple ways. As a result, it is a leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, dementia amputation and infertility.

But the perplexing question is why this problem is getting worse not better, even centuries after the disease was first described. As our understanding of diabetes increases, we should expect that complications should decrease. But they don’t.

Current understanding and treatment of type 2 diabetes is fundamentally flawed. It is focused obsessively on lowering blood glucose. But high blood glucose is only the symptom, NOT the cause.

The Swiss Biological Medicine Clinic can help to make a tailor made plan to manage diabetes. It can help to

– Feel less tired and have more energy

– Heal better and have fewer skin infections

– Feel less thirsty, need to urinate less often, and have fewer bladder infections

– Have a healthier sexual life

We will also suggest a behavioral program to help learn how to manage diabetes and live a healthy and meaningful life.