Homeopathy was founded German doctor Samuel Christians F. Xaneman 1755 -1843I Homeopathy is a totally natural method of treatment with profound effects on the body. It aims at empowering the organization itself by mobilizing its defensive powers and restoring its disturbed health. Drugs are always of natural origin Homeopathy. In the human body is considered a single whole body – feeling – the spirit rather than individual symptoms. Therefore, each case is treated individually and meticulously.

At the Swiss Biological Medicine Center, we combine homeopathic treatments with a variety of other biological therapies that are patient centric and are designed after detailed diagnostic tests are carried out for individual patients.


According to Homotoxicology, all those processes, syndromes and manifestations that we call diseases, are nothing but the expression of how the body fights off venoms, and that it wants to fight and excrete those venoms. The entire body wins or looses that battle. Those processes that we call diseases are always biological, that is, a natural and non random process that serves as a defense against the venom and as a way of detoxification.”

Homotoxicology sees all diseases as a reaction of the organism against the disease poison (Homotoxine). This reaction of the organism is externalized by various reactions such as fever, diarrhea, inflammation, etc. leading to death. To enhance the body’s defense efforts against homotoxins, the Swiss biological Medicine Center provides biological treatment through the use of biological drugs or anti-homtoxotics

Within Homotoxicology, we promote detoxification of the organism at a humoral level, at a matrix level and at a cellular level. We base our analysis for the prescription of homotoxicological medicine of the 6 phases of Homotoxicology, promoting that the patient excrete his own homotoxins in a safe and effective way.


Flower therapy is the method that uses flowers as a basic means for making therapies in order to relieve mental tensions, to cultivate healthy and pleasant emotions, to treat mental problems and to improve personality. Flower therapy became known through the work of a charismatic physician, Edward Bach, who lived in England (1886-1936) and worked as a clinical physician, bacteriologist, homeopath, and researcher. He developed what he called a “theory of types” by which he divided people into seven groups based on their reactions to illness.

He listed these types as fear, uncertainty, loneliness, oversensitivity, lack of interest in present circumstances, despondency, and over-concern for others. Dr. Bach believed that negative moods and emotions were responsible for the breakdown in health that leads to illness and determined that treatment had to address patients’ emotional and mental states.

Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr Bach is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. To select the type of remedy, our center assists you to think and discover about the sort of person you are and the way you are feeling.

Bach flower remedies use the remedies for treatment of anxiety, stress, depression, lack of confidence, emotional and physical trauma.