Neurological & “Unclear” Disorders

In biological medicine we believe that the causes of neurological and “unclear” disorders can be determined and treated. Because each of these illnesses arises from a complex set of factors, our diagnostic phase is comprehensive. We determine each patient’s individual situation and develop a personalized treatment plan. Once the contributing causes have been remedied, the patient usually stabilizes, and in many conditions, we are able to achieve significant progress, even returning the patient to a normal life

Chronic Pain Syndrome
Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS) has typically baffled practitioners. Most often characterized by constant pain in the lower back, the head, and key joints, CPS can be life-changing, even debilitating.

At SBMC our goal is very simple: identify the root causes and actually work to cure the patients who come to us. We want to get patients off of their painkillers, off the drugs that in fact hamper their ultimate recovery. We have discovered that the key is to examine certain foci that often contribute to the source of the pain. We usually find inflammation throughout the body, often arising from dental and jaw-related issues, as well as problems within sinus cavities.

Now affecting millions of people – mostly women – the disease debilitates most of those it afflicts. This is in part because the symptoms make normal life impossible.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia include musculoskeletal aches, tenderness, sleeplessness, depression and even memory loss. Flare-ups can be triggered by factors such as stress, physical trauma, even something as simple as changes in the weather.

For those plagued by this chronic condition, fibromyalgia means a life in which they experience pain all the time to the point here they may not even be able to get out of bed in the morning, one in which they are no longer able to adhere to any sort of daily routine, and one in which they tend to withdraw from their normal social network. This does not have to be the case.

At Swiss Biological Medicine Center we have a new approach. We treat the root causes of illness rather than just placating symptoms. Biological medicine comprehends the individual’s true health and from there creates an effective treatment plan that will wean people from the drugs and opiates, and eventually give them their life back.

We know that lifestyle plays a role in fibromyalgia, but other critical factors include the diet, the invasion of toxins into the body, the condition of the intestine, genetic propensities, and even dental history such as root canals and basic fillings. It is vital to look at every aspect of a person’s health history when diagnosing what gave rise to their fibromyalgia.

Once our diagnostics are complete, our treatment follows closely the Three Pillars of Dr. Rau. We begin with a deep detoxification program, followed by healing of the intestinal flora and related immune function, and finally the rejuvenation of the body’s upbuilding forces.

Neuropathy is a nerve disorder that can affect any of the peripheral nerves, namely those within the arms, legs, hands and feet. This disorder can be quite troublesome for sufferers as they must cope with persistent weakness, a numbness and/or tingling sensation, and often a feeling of burning pain throughout the affected areas.

While the causes of neuropathy are numerous, we often find that other chronic conditions contribute to its onset. Diabetes, for example, often causes neuropathy. Called “diabetic neuropathy”, this version usually begins in the legs and feet, and if not treated correctly can be crippling, and in advanced cases, even fatal. Other conditions that often involve neuropathy include: cancer, kidney problems, various types of infections, and chronic toxicity. In the latter case we always find heavy metal toxins in the body, particularly lead, mercury and arsenic—all incredibly damaging to the nervous system.

Most of the patients with neuropathy who come to Swiss Biological Medicine Center are of this type in which the problem is tied to another chronic condition. Of particular concern are those who come to us in the midst of battling cancer.

Biologic medicine maintains a very straightforward approach where neuropathy is concerned; we investigate as far as potential causes and incorporate the results into the overall treatment program. The first step is usually to reinstate normal bacterial balance within the intestine. Much of the time patients present with elevated levels of harmful bacteria, and this imbalance can in fact give rise to chronic conditions like neuropathy. Intensive intestinal upbuilding represents the core of our treatment strategy. We also focus on reinvigorating and upbuilding the immune system as well.