The object of medical care should NOT be the disease

Modern medicine treats disease as an enemy that must be combated. However, the enemy is not the disease, but the way of life. People put doctors and medication in charge of their health because they do not want to understand that it’s just their lifestyle that is responsible for their poor health.

But illness can be a blessing in disguise, as it forces the sufferer to reconsider his life, change his life values and the way he works and has fun.

There is a common illusion that medical technology is eradicating one disease after another and that it is only a matter of time before medicine eradicates all diseases. Therapeutic effort limited to the symptoms cannot be considered scientific. 

Biological medicine emphasizes and intervenes in the patient’s lifestyle, particularly in the patient’s nutrition, more general in his life habits.

According to Hippocrates, diet control is not only a key factor in treatment but also a basic principle of medicine. It also attaches great importance to environmental and emotional factors. According to Aristotle, – “a healthy person is one who maintains moderation and order. All excesses are harmful to health”. 

Hippocrates was a proponent of “The object of medical care should not be the disease but the person who should be treated as a whole and not as an organ in which the disorder appears”.

At our center, we look into the underlying cause, which is usually the lifestyle.

Dr. Dinos Xydas M.D.