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Early Cancer Detection with Oncotrace Blood Test

Smart patients can now detect the presence of cancer with Oncotrace RGCC, a breakthrough blood test, also known as liquid biopsy.

And the good news is that Oncotrace RGCC is now available in Cyprus, exclusively at Swiss Medical Clinics.

Detecting cancer early is a game changer.

According to a 2019 study published in the British Medical Journal, “For most cancers, survival at one and five years is much higher if the cancer is detected early (at stage 1) than if it is detected later.”

Oncotrace RGCC now makes early detection of cancer possible, and this early detection of cancer can dramatically increase the survival rates of patients.

Through a simple and non-invasive procedure, blood is drawn from the patient and sent to the lab. There, through process called flow cytometry, the blood sample is tested for circulating tumour cells that have detached from the primary tumour and entered the bloodstream or the lymph system.

The results of the test enable doctors to develop a treatment plan customized for each patient.

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