Hormonal Rebalancing – Part 1

An Interview with Dr. Dinos Xydas M.D. Chief Medical Director of the Swiss Biological Medicine Center

What are the secrets of anti-aging and how can we apply it in our daily lives?

Before I explain the fundamental principle of this method, we need to talk about the most basic question that is often asked. “What causes a disease”?

There are four main reasons for the creation of a disease.

  1. Congenital reasons (gene),
  2. Abuses,
  3. Injuries,
  4. Microbial factors.

Rebalancing Hormones

During the cycle of life, our body is burdened with a number of factors and conditions, absorbs chemicals and other toxic substances, causing irregular hormone production. When the balance of hormone levels in the body is altered, then there is an imbalancing of several systems in our body which then pushes our body to develop diseases.

When we refer to the term ‘hormonal rebalancing’, what do we mean?

What we do at the Swiss Biological Medicine Center is Hormonal Rebalancing and not hormonal replacement. When patients come to us, we run a number of tests such as:

  1. Full blood tests
  2. Hormone levels
  3. Thyroid condition /read more about Thyroid Rebalancing/
  4. Heavy metal toxicity
  5. Xenohormones and pesticides
  6. Nutritional deficiencies
  7. Gastrointestinal profiling

We seek to identify various causes of the condition, and we then detoxify the body from harmful substances and we stimulate the body to reach the optimal level of hormones.

 If you take an age group of 20-30 years, they have fewer, serious diseases such as heart disease, and you will see that they are close to balanced physiology. However, at this age there are other problems such as depression, stress (anxiety), panic attacks and the body cannot produce the appropriate substances needed to control its different systems; for example some girls have unstable menstrual cycle, may have migraines, or a lot of pain during menstruation or depression or anxiety, and all this has to do with the physiology of their body. When our physiology is pathological, then our “roof”, that is, our head, our brain will not be healthy.  If we want our brains healthy then our physiology must be in balance.

How can stimulating and restoring physiology help all these diseases?

If we take into account that the purpose of our body is to stay alive, then we must understand that our body wants to function without any problems, and thanks to our treatments, we can have this correct balance, then we can avoid problems such as high cholesterol, high glucose, hypertension and we can avoid Diabetes II. As our body system works normally it will be able to replace defective cells, rejuvenate and crack down on new cells when they need to and at the right time.

I will give you an example: Everyone of us, has “bad cells”, the so-called cancer cells. If the immune system that controls the growing cell production is healthy then it can control this complex process. However, with age this control diminishes and then we may develop cancer. If we look at statistics, lung, pancreas, prostate and ovary cancer risk increases after the age of 35-40. This happens because our body’ control function is reduced and bad cells tend to grow. Another reason is, the body’s production capacity slows down due to the low production of the specific hormone that controls it.

What is the theory of hormonal recovery really?

As we mentioned before, there are four reasons that cause almost all the diseases we know of. When we talk about the theory of hormonal recovery, we talk about a disease and a method. When we talk about disease we mean some diseases such as

  • High cholesterol,
  • cancer,
  • menopause problems,
  • erectile bowel dysfunction etc,

all of these belong to the category of “mistakes of our physiology“, or in other words the mistakes that the body took in during our lives. When we have a disease, we use a method that restores this normal physiology; we don’t cure any disease, we don’t improve cancer or high cholesterol, or insomnia, nothing really; all we do is restore normal physiology and the body works normally, healthily as before. When we have myopia, or presbyopia we wear glasses to see much better; we have 100% of vision when we wear glasses, the same is true with our methods, we have in our hands these multiple ailments, we restore the normal physiology of the body, which we know works; that’s what our body has done since the beginning of our lives.

Let us take a practical example: how and why we can bring high cholesterol back to normal?

That’s a good question. In2001, a new case for cholesterol was made by the American heart surgeon Dr. Dzugan. When he was involved in a cancer research center in 1997-99, and applied the method to patients suffering from advanced cancer, he tried to restore their immune system, and he had to use hormone restoration in this program.  He found that patients who had high cholesterol managed to reach a normal level after treatment. Patients wondered why they need to have cancer to restore cholesterol to normal levels.  This made him wonder what happens when the person starts to age?  And we know that as we age, the production of hormones   decreases. Cholesterol is the mother of all hormones, it is the basis for all steroid hormones and as a heart surgeon, he knew very well what everyone says about cholesterol “Cholesterol is bad we need to reduce it”. What is actually happening is that we cannot live without cholesterol and patients who have low cholesterol have many problems e.g. predisposition to suicide, criminality, schizophrenia.  Another challenge, with low level of cholesterol, our body cannot rejuvenate cell membranes (as cholesterol is an integral part of the membrane itself) which in turn leads to our body’s inability to produce enough hormones, and even vitamin D-3 production. As we have said, when cholesterol begins to decrease below normal levels, our body tries to cope with the necessity to produce additional cholesterol.

It is the same case in pregnancy. The female body during pregnancy produces a lot of cholesterol (2 times more than normal).  When we replace these hormones at the normal level then there is no need for this extra production of cholesterol. Our body has a monitoring system that checks what’s going on with our hormone levels.  When we need cholesterol to produce hormones then we produce it, when we have normal hormone levels then we do not produce extra cholesterol.  That’s why we don’t use drugs like statins, as they aim to lower cholesterol and yet there’s a reason for high cholesterol, which is reduced hormone production.

And keep in mind that when a malfunction occurs, a specific system of our body will try to take control and regulate it, attempting to solve the problem.  We must respect the strength of our body. We shouldnt intervene, and must not hide the problem. We need to identify the problem and what is really going on and how we  can  solve it.