Personalized medicine changes the one-size-fits-all approach to diagnostics and treatment that focuses on the genetic profile of the individual.

The RGCC battery of tests makes personalized medicine possible. As the disease a patient has requires a custom-tailored treatment, we use the RGCC tests for malignant conditions. Of note is that this test allows us to customize both allopathic and natural treatments for the patient.

The following tests are available:

  • Oncocount

  • Oncotrace

  • Oncotrail

  • Immune Frame

  • Onconomics Plus

  • Onconomics Extracts

  • Chemo SNP

  • Metastat

  • Immune Frame

  • aCGH

What’s more RGCC provides these therapies:

  • DendroCov (Dendritic cell vaccination)

  • Supportive Oligonucletide Therapy (SOT)

  • Vaxo-Q-Re

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