Weight Management

Which is the best diet? Surely, one that manages to combine rapid fat loss with easy maintenance of the result. The one that increases the basic metabolism, and which allows full body detoxification. A combination of foods that provides physical well-being without the sense of hunger. All these benefits for our health and external appearance can be achieved through a diet that provides all the macronutrient ingredients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) and micronutrients (minerals, vitamins, trace elements etc), in a framework for a healthy diet of very few calories.

Individualized therapeutic approach
The treatment of excessive weight and obesity is the most common problem of aesthetic medicine in western societies. The Mediterranean diet as well as other approaches such as the Atkins diet, the zone diet, medication etc., provide both benefits and disadvantages that make tackling the problem difficult.

The objective of the most effective dietary programme is the significant fat reduction without lack of muscle and bone mass while achieving skin tightening and glowing. A customised program with the provision of fruit, vegetables, legumes, noble proteins (fish, chicken) and essential amino acids from organic crops, in individual dosages, without residues of nitrogen that damage the hepatic and renal function.

Following several years of research and empirical evidence we created a therapeutic nutritional program, with multiple advantages and benefits:

  • Weight loss, exclusively from fat (10% fat reduction in the first month, 30% fat reduction in the first six months
  • Maintenance of muscle and bone mass
  • Absence of the feeling of being hungry
  • Enhancement of skin quality
  • Psychological uplift
  • Detoxifying and biological approach
  • Anti-aging results