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Dr. Sergey A. Dzugan

Experience:        30 years

Speciality:          Restorative Medicine

Email:                 info@cy-smc.com

Sergey A. Dzugan MD, PhD is a world-renowned physician, research scientist and educator. Within a few years of receiving his MD at Donetsk National University, Ukraine, he became the Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery at the University-affiliated regional hospital. After receiving his PhD, he became a Professor at that University. Upon moving his family to the US, he delved deeply into body chemistry optimization and developed breakthrough treatments for high cholesterol and migraine – for which the Academy of Creative Endeavors (Russia) awarded him the title of Academician.

Dr. Dzugan’s expertise in human physiology is recognized worldwide and he regularly presents at global medical conferences such as the prestigious International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine as the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the Dzugan Institute of Restorative Medicine.

Dr. Dzugan is the author of 163 publications in medical journals, author of 7 books, holder of 3 patents, and author of 23 articles in health related magazines. He is a Member of the Editorial Board of the Neuroendocrinology Letters and a Member of the Medical Advisory Board at Life Extension Magazine.